Indie Game Developers

Ørjan Lopez



Programmer, 3D Artist, Technical Artist, Composer, Video Editor, Rigger & Animator

Hello there! I'm Ørjan and I come from a very rainy place in Norway. Ask anyone who knows me, and you will immediately find out that I am obsessed with video games. And when I'm not playing them, I am hard at work creating them. I've had the fortune of being able to work in the video game industry for 7 years on both small and large projects. Now I am chasing my ultimate dream as an independent game developer.



Megan McCurdy



3D Artist & Concept Artist

GREETINGS FELLOW HUMAN! I’m Megan. I enjoy making cute things. My dream is to share my art with the world and make people happy. It’s a huge bonus that I get to do that by making indie games with my best friend. I also work freelance where I enjoy working in other styles and challenging myself. Feel free to send me a message whenever! Especially if the contents of that message has a cute animal in it (hedgehogs & dogs preferred).